School idea, education target

We establish for request from sightseeing, the service industry! It is 44 years in response to warm trust successively.

It will be 44 years ago now that such a voice suffered from travel journal issuing "-- wanting you to make school bringing up human resources who can play an active part as adaptable fighting potential" tourism business magazine. We hospitality tourism technical school is technical school created through request from sightseeing, the service industry. Principal school continues producing excellent human resources as the first runner of the industry from now on.

Greetings of the principal

  • Hospitality tourism technical school principal Yutaka Nakamura
  • Technical school acquires practical knowledge and skill and is educational institution to get longed-for work.
    However, "hospitality" to act is always necessary for customer viewpoint as well as knowledge and skill to play an active part in society. Everybody polishes hospitality mind, and please become person from industry shining shiningly.

    Hospitality tourism technical school principal Yutaka Nakamura

    1963, Meiji University politics department of economics graduation, Tokyo Hilton Hotels entering a company. 1987, Tokyo Hilton International's general manager appointment. In 1987, General Manager Demukai takes office as Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. entering a company, Royal Park Hotel. 2000, Royal Park Hotel's and resorts president appointment. 2001, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport commendation receiving a prize. 2005, Japan Hotel Association's chairperson appointment. 2008, Tokyo person who has rendered distinguished services commendation receiving a prize. 2009, biJIT Japan Ambassador appointment.

School idea

This school puts basic idea in "hospitality", and they contribute to peace and prosperity of planethood through development of global education service business.
As for the hospitality, "sincere hospitality" and "consideration" mean "consideration". In this school, we define hospitality with "standing in situation of partner, and thinking, and being able to act" and we wrestle for the realization and make an effort. Staff of a school oneself has hospitality mind in mind, too and student recognizes hospitality mind from class and various activities and wears. We aim at it being human resources who student is required by this enlightening activity in society and can play an active part.

Education target

Hospitality education that stands in situation of partner, and thinks, and can act
We wear nature, ability that "stand in situation of partner, and think, and can act" through the school life whole, lecture, practice, training, study tour, various events.
Occupation business practice education that can play an active part in the occupation spot
We learn ability that can play an active part in the occupation spot, healthy work value, technical knowledge and skill through cooperation with companies.
Incentive education that we raise culture for life, and self-culture is made
Because we adapt ourselves to environmental change in the times and continue being employed, we learn posture to learn over life by oneself.
Global education to be able to play its part in community, international community
We acquire ability to lead to mutual understanding with different people of environment and sense of values, and it is human resources who can contribute to development of the whole hospitality industry.


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We were authorized by "course of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology specialized in occupation practice".