Director, inspector, councilor

Officers supporting educational foundation travel journal school

Toshiki Okazaki Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.'s former managing director Director
Takao Watabe Chairperson and CEO Representative Director Juko
(WATABE WEDDING Corporation's former president)
Hiroyuki Naito Saito synthesis licensed tax accountant corporation unification representative partner licensed tax accountant Inspector
Munetaka Ashizawa Eiwa auditor employee certified public accountant Inspector
Kotaro Furuki Global use bureau's chairperson and executive director Councilor
Bunjiro Fukushima JS partner's representative director Councilor /OB society's chairperson
Kazuma Arino (no company) All Nippon Travel agents Association's executive managing director  Councilor
Hiroko Kawamoto Vice President Representative Director ANA Research Institute Councilor
Seiko Nakano Japan Airlines Co.,Ltd. operating officer West Japan district manager Councilor
Kaneyoshi Noda (public corporation) Bridal Institutional Association's executive managing director Councilor
Atsushi Takahashi East Japan Railway Co. railway business headquarters sales department charge manager Councilor
Mayumi Umegaki Kintetsu, Miyako Hotel's operating officer Human Resource Development's manager Councilor

As of April, 2017


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