Facilities introduction

Hospitality tourism technical school
Facilities, facilities introduction

  • Hotel course training room

    Using all of floor,
    We reproduce first-rate hotel.

    Nature and the back seem to grow when we set foot in good-quality space.

    ■Guest room training room  ■Front training room  ■Restaurant service training room  ■Cafe & bar training room  ■OPERA training room
  • Airline department training room

    When we set foot in floor,
    There is airport full of vigor.

    We seem to hear the noise of airport which foreign words fly about at any moment.

    ■Mock-up training room in plane  ■Check-in counter training room
  • Sightseeing department training room

    From classroom to the world.

    You wear much knowledge and skills, and please aim at instigator directing trip of impression.

    ■Trip counter training room  ■AXESS training room
  • Theme park department training room

    Principal school has theme park department
    Schools a little in Japan.

    In facilities of a lot of senses of fun, everybody learns waiting on customers skill to become smile from both adult and child.

    ■Hospitality hall  ■Ticket booth
  • Railroad department training room

    To the longed-for railroad industry

    Among facilities and genuine seats which reproduced home and wicket of station, it grows dream to commit in the railroad industry.

    ■Mock-up in the car  ■Wicket  ■Service assistance training room
  • Joint ownership space

    Interchange with classmate and teacher is one of the pleasure in campus life. You communicate with many people, and please enjoy student life.

    ■Student lounge  ■Study hall  ■Library room  ■Roof terrace  ■Employment bureau  ■Service assistance training room

Floor map

  • Floor introduction of 4 - 8F
  • Floor introduction of 3F - B2F


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