History, support group

Ayumi ... of history of hospitality tourism technical school - 44 years

1973 The Institute of travel journal trip opening of a school
Night training department establishment
1974 Full-time establishment
1975 (no company) It becomes Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) recommendation school
1978 School building is completed in Nakano-ku, Tokyo
1980 We are authorized as educational foundation, special vocational school from Tokyo and change school name of to travel journal trip technical school
1981 The Institute of Osaka travel journal trip (Osaka school) opening of a school
It becomes Pacific Asia tourist association (PATA) Japan Branch recommendation school
1982 It becomes sightseeing in foreign government station meeting (ANTOR-JAPAN) recommendation school to Japan
1986 The United States Seattle school opening of a school
1990 Night school trip core course establishment
1991 (no company) It becomes association of Japanese overseas tour operator (OTOA) recommendation school
1995 General school building completion
1998 Subject, curriculum entire surface revision
2001 (public corporation) It becomes Bridal Institutional Association (BIA) recommendation school
2002 (no company) It becomes Japanese conducting tour service association (TCSA) recommendation school
2007 Educational foundation travel journal school
We change school name of to hospitality tourism technical school
2011 The sister school Osaka wedding technical school opening of a school
2013 The sister school Tokyo wedding technical school opening of a school
2015 Course (full-time department trip subject / full-time department hospitality service subject) authorization specialized in occupation practice
2018 The sister school Osaka hotel technical school Osaka theme park dance technical school opening of a school

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We were authorized by "course of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology specialized in occupation practice".