Studying in the United States

Learn, live, played, but was clogged up tightly
Studying in the United States of hosupi

Studying in the United States is possible for school expenses 980,000 yen!

We respond after the studying abroad before studying abroad well
Sandwich studying abroad

Original studying in the United States program to continue more than 30 years.
As you support until returning home before studying abroad, you can participate in peace.

  • The first year
    It is before studying abroad:
    Thorough studying abroad measures class

    We usually perform studying abroad preparations lecture in addition to class. We learn English conversation that is necessary for life in studying abroad and acquire mental attitude to talk about in English before departure.

  • The second year
    Studying abroad:
    Command of English improves by class according to level

    We learn in class according to level including course only for English, Japanese and English course. Japanese lecturer shares subject native lecturer.

  • The third year
    After the studying abroad:
    We make use of command of English and look for a job

    We aim at improvement of further command of English through extracurricular activities as well as English class.

Three campuses of American Seattle school

Campus life longed-for in town of city No. 1 where we want to live in

  • Edmonds Community College
    Edmonds school

    The popularity and the results are outstanding in Washington. In very large campus where there is golf course on campus, we accept foreign student from countries more than 70 of the world.

  • Shoreline Community College 
    Shore line school

    Scenic environment including shoreline which is beautiful by car from center of Seattle for approximately 15 minutes. Pagoda-like school buildings stand in a row and are totally like resort. The results of English education are abundant, too.

  • Cascadia College
    Refuse Kay Deer school

    Beautiful campus among nature which is magnificent by car from the center of Seattle to the northeast for 20 minutes. There is little number of the students, and the smooth education system with a small number of people is feature.

  • Homestay in American family

    Life with host family living together for one year is very important. We choose host family based on prior questionnaire.

    Point of homestay!
    ・It is mentioned American life culture!
    ・Because it is environment that is used to English pickles, language study improves!
    ・We can talk immediately if we have been in trouble
    ・Another family can do it in Seattle

Curriculum which we can learn effectively

  • W support of native lecturer X Japanese lecturer

    Special English class by native lecturer is small number of people system. By class of 12 hours a week, we concentrate power on English conversation, speech, problem study, presentation. By class of Japanese lecturer performed in parallel for eight hours a week, we put important point for TOEIC® measures including reading and listening and learn.

  • By class according to level, senior is ESL ※We can be admitted into this

    Because it is class according to level depending on command of English, we are reliable. Senior with command of English can be admitted into general English class called ESL from 2.3 term if we pass PlacementTest. We learn mainly on the reading and writing with the goal of acquiring command of English that can attend class of university here.

Tiger JAL's original "ESL" class

We perform discussion and group work-centered class based on social problem, homestay life, international cultural exchange for 12 hours a week. In addition, there is field trip of every two or three times of terms, too.

  • ESL

    There are various classes such as learning English to speak in reading and understanding and making of story, movie viewing, smartphone and Email. Exercise for speech contest goes, too and makes thank-you letter to host family before returning home.

  • ESL

    We begin with goal setting studying abroad and polish English conversation with American culture, sightseeing, literature, religion, art, various topics including social problem. As for making local student assistant, and performing class and cultural exchange.

Class of the class schedule example morning in studying abroad is class that we are divided in three classes. Three native lecturers are in charge of by 1 gen.

  • Living in America

    Class of life knowledge in the United States. It is class to make it easy to spend how to handle, sightseeing information of bank account, the American social history and studying in the United States life including the current situation.

  • TOEIC® (Reading / Listening)

    We divide Reading and Listening of TOEIC® into class by two hours a week and study tendency and measures preparations for each section through real problem practice.

  • Basic English / Vocabulary & Grammar

    We review basic English grammar carefully. In addition, we study word, phrase common in TOEIC® and how to use, example sentence.

  • English Support

    As only applicant asks about point that we did not understand in other subjects in supplementary lessons time for participation and has you explain the basics of grammar carefully again, question in the week can dissolve during the week.

We do not make an English study
One year when is full of pleasant events

Let's Enjoy

School life studying abroad is full of trip and party, activities!
Applicant is available for volunteer activity in overseas company and group, too.

  • Company volunteer

    -. which wants to make use of command of English that we acquired in work Such one can challenge company volunteer activity to experience real work in local company. In the volunteer point, travel agency, YMCA, elementary school varies.

<the company, group volunteer results>
IACE TRAVEL Seattle Branch (travel agency) /YMCA/Chopsix (catering server) / elementary school volunteer (McDonald's Elementary School / school festival) /Nikkei Concerns (nursing home)
Visit to <hotel training> Shore line school
Crown Plaza Hotel/Hotel Nexus/Seattle Marriott Waterfront/Holiday Inn & Suites et al.

  • The Japanese staff supports for 24 hours!

    The first life abroad always comes together with uneasiness…. Because the local Japanese staff copes in trouble at disease and injury, host and school for 24 hours, we are reliable.

  • Long-term studying abroad in the United States is possible for school expenses 980,000 yen!

    It is system that can reduce school expenses at the time of studying abroad 618,000 yen as "studying in long term system scholarship" (※ 1 for 100 persons) for policy that studying system is used in students containing for United States long term in cause, April, 2019 of "citizen of the world upbringing" that travel journal school aims at. School expenses 980,000 yen ※Long-term studying abroad to the United States is enabled with 2.

    ※It is total six of 1 hospitality tourism technical school, Tokyo wedding technical school, hospitality tourism technical school Osaka, Osaka hotel technical school, Osaka wedding technical school, Osaka theme park dance technical school.
    ※Expense (travel costs, homestay costs) is necessary other than 2 and others, the school expenses separately.

We reduce the tuition of 1 annual up to 200,000 yen if good at English

English qualification scholarship

For one where predetermined English qualification (TOEIC®, Eiken) that this school establishes was acquired before entrance to school, a part (up to 200,000 yen) of 1 annual tuition is reduced system.

We see other scholarship systems in detail


It seems that the world changes depending on own feeling
Let's enjoy if we go with much effort!

I gained confidence to oneself by having studied abroad for approximately ten months. Of course it was not only good thing, but how to catch changed depending on own feeling, and aspect that was minus was connected in new discovery. Originally I who went for studying abroad including command of English with oneself having no confidence was not able to talk from oneself at first. Therefore host family and mutual understanding were not possible and might be warned by host mother. However, as I hated that nothing could change though we came to the United States with much effort, we talked properly and unpleasant thing changed way of thinking and coped. Then life became fun, and confidence gradually came out. There was great time, but we went for studying abroad to remain for memory and could meet various people and were had a really good experience. We think that the reason why we work abroad is that there was this experience now!

※Fujisawa works by early employment in always making the first move company in from October.

Yukino Fujisawa
Full-time department English communication department
We are from Kamiina, Nagano agricultural high school (Nagano)

We see voice of current students more


We participate in open campus, special event

Open campus holding of early summer!

Long-term studying abroad special event

Simulated interview lecture

Under reservation acceptance!
We see event in detail
Prospective employee zokuzoku! Employment informal appointment breaking news


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