Overseas employment & foreign countries internship

System of thoraJAL original which can work as internship life by global celebrity hospitality industry.
After the graduation, we can work in Asia and European and American pro-sightseeing company during period for approximately from several months to three years.

In one year
The name participates!

We carry out in 27 company in 12 countries!

(hotel restaurant, travel agency, Cruise ships)



  • [Maldivian / hotel]
    Dusit Thani Maldives
    Cage which is Soma

    Through overseas internship, we were able to come to like oneself more!

    We are in charge of guidance of Japanese guest and help of check-in mainly. A lot of people weak in English feel uneasiness in customer. We rely on me in such a case, and big worth doing is provided when we return when, "thank you," you can say. We greatly grow up by challenging environment unlike Japan. And oneself came to like 100 times. Performance was evaluated and was able to just become regular staff after the internship!

  • [American (Hawaii) / hotel]
    Four Seasons Resort Lana' i
    Akiko Nakagawa

    Chance that we broke through severe selection and got. After all it is pleasant to work abroad!

    We are in charge of duties that served as the front desk, concierge, driver called ambassador. As it was company where high command of English was pursued in, four times of interviews were performed and were chance when we caught at last. It was tough, but we are, and coming guest feels worth doing very much until we are used to learn my name now, and to talk to the front desk. After all it is pleasant to work abroad!

  • [American (Guam) / hotel]
    Lotte Hotel Guam
    Kenji Omura Akira

    Smile is common language of the world. Service sincere for all customers.

    In resort hotel in Guam, we wait on customers in English against customer of various countries. Japanese customer gave my name before in word-of-mouth communication site of the Internet and has praised service. We learned importance of sincere service for each customer at this hotel.

  • [Greek / Cruise ship]
    Celestyal Cruises
    Waka Nishihira

    We greatly grew up with failure as spring and came to work with confidence to oneself.

    We please customer by Greek Cruise ship, and "animator" deriving is in charge of to show. It was uneasy while it is beginning, but as it is chance that we had with much effort, we decide to work with confidence more, and everything wrestles forward now. We do our best for full-fledged animator to have you leave various work!

  • [Indonesian (Bali) / hotel]
    AYANA Resort & Spa Bali
    Watanabe summer Yuri

    Smile of customer whom it "had good that there is Japanese" is worth doing of work.

    We perform explanation of counseling and massage to customer who came to spa as spa coordinator. There are not few people receiving life first massage in Bali in Japanese customer. You can say, "there is Japanese and was saved" when you show such a customer in Japanese. We feel worth doing at moment when uneasy expression of customer turns into smile.

  • For a short term [Malaysian / hotel]
    PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur
    Iwabuchi flat Itsuki

    To be global human being, we challenge that we work by overseas internship.

    We choose overseas internship to become global human being who is not bound by limitation called Japan. It is hotel which is very famous in Malaysia that I did internship, and many customers visit from the world. Work is great, but there is worth doing by just that much, too. It is foreign country in Japan that there is sense of values not to be able to learn. We recommend that everybody challenges positively. Overseas intern experience at school was evaluated and was able to find work at domestic foreign-affiliated hotel!

  • For a short term [Hong Kong / Cruise ship]
    Star Cruisesbr
    14 Tokyo schools

    By Asia's biggest luxurious passenger liner, 14 Tokyo schools participate in the 2-month training!

    We did internship in Asia's biggest luxurious passenger liner "superstar Virgo" which well-established Cruise company Stark loose of Hong Kong held for a short term during period of summer vacation. We went round Shanghai, Kagoshima, flights of Osaka as waiter, waitress from duty, Yokohama in eating and drinking facilities in ship and showed hospitality and visitor English that we learned at school on the site. Words that we were thankful for from customer and interchange with gentle crew became unforgettable for a short term.

  • For a short term [Danish / Cruise ship]
    DFDS Seaways
    Akihito Yoneda

    If any difficulty wrestles positively by oneself, way opens out by all means!

    We were in charge of work such as reception of restaurant and guidance, sale of duty-free shop. It was hard work that physical strength and command of English and interpersonal ability were found, but, including Japanese, offered service with good faith for customer of each country. Way opened by all means if we confronted problem without escaping in confrontation with difficulty and learned that it increased by all means and came back to oneself.

The participation results

[Cruise ship]
seresutiarukuruzu (Greece) / Costa Victoria (Italy) / Princess Cruise (the United States)
[travel agency]
Japan Tyrol Coordination (Austria) / H.I.S. Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Branch (Vietnam) /JTB Asia Pacific (each Southeast Asian country)
Four Seasons resort Lanai (United States, Hawaii) / Hyatt Regency Saipan (United States, Saipan) / LOTTE hotel Guam (United States, Guam) / fiesutarizotoguamu (United States, Guam) / fiesutarizoto & spa Saipan (United States, Saipan) / Pacific star resort & spa (United States, Saipan) / Hotel Okura Amsterdam (the Netherlands) / hoteruurensuvangu (Norway) / Hyatt Regency Dubai & wage rear (UAE, Dubai) / Ayana resort & spa Bali (Indonesia Bali) / ground Hyatt Bali (Indonesia Bali) / van Jan tree Bintang (Indonesia Bintang) / konsutansuharaveri (Maldives) / New World Manila bay hotel (the Philippines) / Pullman Da Nang beach resort (Vietnam)
A lot of others

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