Overseas employment & foreign countries internship

System of thoraJAL original which can work as internship life by global celebrity hospitality industry.
After graduation, we can work in pro-Asia and European and American sightseeing company during period for approximately from several months to three years.

In one year
The name participates!

We carry out in 27 company in 12 countries!

(hotel restaurant, travel agency, Cruise ships)



  • [UAE (Dubai) / hotel]
    Hyatt Regency Dubai & Galleria
    Kaede, Furukawa horse

    We spend stimulating every day while having a hard time in new environment.

    We make use of experience that acted during attendance at school in HyattRegencyTokyo and work now in HyattRegencyDubai&Galleria. We wait on customers in Japanese restaurant "Kyoto -Miyako-" in hotel. It may be hard in new environment, but sends stimulating daily life while being taught by people of the workplace. Person of the circumference including family and friend contributes to the fact that we can work abroad. We want to grow up without forgetting thanks every day.

  • [Austrian / travel agency]
    Japan Tyrol Coordination
    We do not lend Ishii sheath

    We arrange in cooperation with other staff aiming at dinner that visitor is satisfied with.

    We want to work using English that we acquired by studying abroad and experience overseas internship during attendance at school. We challenged tour operator who tied Japan and Austria. We are in charge of pickup and drop-off assistants to planning paper making and airport. It is arrangement of dinner for visitors of long-term stay to have felt worth doing most. We made every possible effort, and big sense of accomplishment was provided. We found a job in this company!

  • [Indonesian / hotel]
    Banyan Tree Bintan
    Funakubo Moe

    We continue having hungry mind,
    We spend substantial days.

    As for the front duties of hotel, information and memory, speaking ability are found. Heart seemed to be broken, but English could hear by little and became able to talk first. We love both this island and work now. We study Indonesian recently. Because we do not waste life here, we want to do our best with hungrier mind.

  • [Saipan / hotel]
    Hyatt Regency Saipan
    Tomoki Tsukada

    We decide participation to connect with future carrier. There is action if we want to do it!

    In hotel representing Saipan, we are in charge of front desk duties or housekeeping duties. Many guests evaluate my service and, also, feel worth doing when they learned the name. One and the same thing that we did not do it if we did not act even if we wanted to go. We think that you should challenge if we wanted to do it.

  • [Laotian / hotel]
    Kanako Watanabe

    It is warmth of Laotian people that felt when we work while feeling uneasy.

    We are in charge of waiting on customers at restaurant and care of Japanese guest mainly. When you just came to Laos, you had to sometimes take reception while you understood nothing. Hotel is fully occupied just. The staff of the circumference helped when we wrestled hard while feeling uneasiness and was able to touch warmth of Laotian people.

  • [Malaysian / hotel]
    PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur

    To be global human being, we challenge that we work by overseas internship.

    We choose overseas internship to become global human being who is not bound by limitation called Japan. It is hotel which is very famous in Malaysia that I did internship, and many visitors visit from the world. Work is great, but there is worth doing by just that much, too. It is foreign country in Japan that there is sense of values not to be able to learn. We recommend that everybody challenges positively. Overseas intern experience at school was evaluated and was able to find work at domestic foreign-affiliated hotel!

  • [Maldivian / hotel]
    Dusit Thani Maldives
    Cage which is Soma

    Through overseas internship, we were able to come to like oneself more!

    We are in charge of guidance of Japanese guest and help of check-in mainly. A lot of people who are weak in English feel uneasiness in visitor. When you rely on me in such a case and, "thank you," can say on return, big worth doing is provided. We greatly grow up by challenging environment unlike Japan. And oneself came to like 100 times. Performance was evaluated and was able to just become regular staff after internship!

  • [German / hotel]
    Hotel Nikko Dusseldorf
    Shino Tanaka

    We had you satisfy with the careful exchanges and realized growth and joy of oneself.

    Waiting on customers service, inquiry and reservation correspondence to provide tempura, sushi, sashimi in Japanese restaurant in hotel are main duties. It was come to the store visitor who exchanged emails for some time for months once. After having had you enjoy meal, it was satisfied very much and was overwhelmed with emotion when, "thank you," it was said to all the visitors.

The participation results

[Cruise ship]
seresutiarukuruzu (Greece) / Costa Victoria (Italy) / Princess Cruise (the United States)
[travel agency]
Japan Tyrol Coordination (Austria) / H.I.S. Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Branch (Vietnam) /JTB Asia Pacific (each Southeast Asian country)
Four Seasons resort Lanai (United States, Hawaii) / Hyatt Regency Saipan (United States, Saipan) / LOTTE hotel Guam (United States, Guam) / fiesutarizotoguamu (United States, Guam) / fiesutarizoto & spa Saipan (United States, Saipan) / Pacific star resort & spa (United States, Saipan) / Hotel Okura Amsterdam (the Netherlands) / hoteruurensuvangu (Norway) / Hyatt Regency Dubai & wage rear (UAE, Dubai) / ayanarizoto & spa Bali (Indonesia Bali) / ground Hyatt Bali (Indonesia Bali) / van Jan tree Bintang (Indonesia Bintang) / konsutansuharaveri (Maldives) / New World Manila bay hotel (the Philippines) / Pullman Da Nang beach resort (Vietnam)
A lot of others

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