Annual event / circle

What kind of every day can spend time in hosupi?
We introduce annual schedule!

A lot of events that are most suitable for the making of memory in hosupi.
We check schedule to begin after entrance to school immediately of one year here!

※Schedule may be changed.

  • 1 annual April
    Entrance ceremony

    New pupil entering full-time department and night school is full participation. Towards dream and aim, student life is finally start.

  • Earlier period of 1 annual
    The hospitality entrance to school training

    Camp of new pupil full participation carried out right after entrance to school. We deepen the friendship with friends spending time together for two years and learn communication and manner, hospitality.

  • Earlier period of one year, 2 annual
    Sports day

    We charter facilities once a year and sweat by sports such as ball game, track and field, tug of war. Original T-shirt to make in each class is hosupi Nara!

  • Last part of one year, 2 annual
    School festival

    We make an elaborate plans every class in school festival held in autumn and hold announcement and display, refreshment stand. One of the events to become lively most.

  • Last part of 1 annual
    Self-expression contest

    Contest to be carried out late in 1 annual. We talk on wide theme including thing and future dream that representative of class selected from primary meeting usually feels hot.

  • 2 annual March
    Graduation ceremony

    All the members are dressed up after event, graduation ceremony of the school life last and participate in gorgeous party.

  • 1 annual December
    Overseas study tour

    This year Dubai (cabin attendant course, grand staff course, sightseeing department, grand handling course, hotel course, English communication department), Los Angeles (theme park department)

Club circle activity!

Club circle activity by the current students main constituent is carried out flourishingly, too.
As joining a club is not compulsion, please participate if there is circle which is interested.
Of course it is OK to make new circle!

  • Dance club

  • Wedding ceremony clothes part

  • Wind ensemble department

  • Performance department

  • Original dance club

  • <list of club circles> Dance club / wedding ceremony clothes part / Wind ensemble department / performance department / volunteer circles

We are very busy to play for study
Campus life of hosupi!

  • Friends doing their best together

    Even if subject and classes are scattered each, sightseeing all the dreams to play an active part throughout the trade are same.

  • Sometimes
    Jump out of school building

    Only school is not classroom. It observes real work professional on the site, and it is important class to experience work as member of member.

  • As for the one which is full of international atmosphere
    Quality of hosupi

    A lot of foreign students from foreign countries are registered at hosupi, too. Do you get friend of various countries if you talk positively?

  • We can talk about anything
    Teacher of hosupi

    As for the characteristic that there are very many service-minded teachers in hosupi. We listen to voice of student and it becomes kind and gives advice.

  • On the global stage
    Chance to play an active part

    3,700 or more use studying abroad system in 30 years. Students improving linguistic ability increase by hosupi original "sandwich studying abroad".

  • Event always
    We enjoy with every effort!

    Events are varied in hosupi including sports day and school festival. As we wrestle in unison in class, it is a chance to deepen relation.


We participate in open campus, special event

Spring open campus holding!

Long-term studying abroad special event

Under reservation acceptance!
We see event in detail
Prospective employee zokuzoku! Employment informal appointment breaking news


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