"Question and uneasiness increase, and may there be many people called ..." so as to have if interested in hosupi? In fact, we had postcard & email of many questions last year. Therefore we pick up some questions that it was particularly a lot. Please refer to.

List of common questions

Q1. About entrance into a school of higher grade

Is that you enter university, junior college technical school? How should we decide?

hosupi is shortcut if we decide, "we want to work in sightseeing, the service industry".

Place where university, junior college learns knowledge widely. Place where hosupi raises expert of the industry. There are predominantly many job offers from the industry, and, via university, junior college, there are a lot of examples entering hosupi again.

Q2. About employment

Can you really find a job in technical school?

All right. hosupi continues supporting until employment decision.

Because, as for hosupi resisting employment, the establishment parent organization is the industry and big travel journal group of pipe. A lot of graduates flapped every year until now to sightseeing, the service industry as a result that "this school garden built = brand to be reliable" more than 43000 graduates.

Q3. About scholarship

Condition and method to use scholarship?

Scholarship is riot. Please use more and more.

There are a lot of kinds of scholarship and cannot introduce here. Please refer to "support of school expenses" "support of night school". Let's use available thing very much.

Q4. About admission

What kind of examination is admission?

It is examination to know your information not purpose to drop.

Admission of hosupi is divided into four kinds of "AO admission" "designated school recommendation admission" "self recommendation admission" "public admission". Examination is intended to know your "motivation and passion" in interview + documents examination, either only for documents examination. For more details, please refer to "offer essential point" page.

Q5. About scholarship student

What kind of preparations are necessary to use "scholarship student system?"

It is point that is important to not only written examination but also interview.

"Scholarship student system" with tuition reduction of up to 1 million yen can take examination in anyone. Examination contents are interview examination and written examinations. Only as for the problem that written examination is removed if we can understand class of high school well. Please tell me "you learn what in hosupi, and what kind of future do you describe?" in interview examination.

Q6. About money side

Does it have no room to be financial though we want to enter a school of higher grade?

Various systems to support economical uneasiness are substantial.

For example, we can learn if we use "night school company training system" and "part-time job introduction system" while working. After "full-time department school expenses payment in installments system" "night school school expenses payment in installments system" and "night school graduation if use school expenses return system", pay the tuition by the division, and can borrow entrance fee and the tuition. For more details, please refer to "support of school expenses" "support of night school".

Q7. About house

Are there convenient dormitory and rooming house to go to school?

From dormitory including two meals to one-room apartment.

Of course there is. As student dormitory proprietary company and real estate company cooperating with hosupi introduce near, convenient article in various ways, please consult by all means. Visit is possible, too.

Q8. About full-time department and night school

Is full-time department more advantageous to employment?

As there is hardly difference, please choose in peace.

It is different, but there is no difference about employment in the number of hours and school expenses of class really. "You learn slowly and carefully in the day", and "you load experience on the site and night learn intensively in the daytime", and please choose in own lifestyle in total whether one is good whether one is good.

Q9. About open campus

It feels lost slightly alone. May we have friend or parent come?

Of course it is welcome!

Friend and protector, please participate together, too! Of course we are reliable even if we participate alone because we can make friends with other participants and current students immediately. We are waiting for your participation!

Q10. About employment

U-turn employment hope. Is there follow?

As graduate plays an active part in the whole country, don't worry.

As graduate of this school plays an active part in various cities of the whole country, being connected with local company is perfect. We support employment along hope of student well!

Q11. About studying abroad system

What is long-term studying abroad system scholarship?

It is this school's original scholarship system.

We reduce school expenses at the time of studying abroad 618,000 yen. The United States, studying in Taiwan of hosupi which can go for school expenses 980,000 yen. It is system that can reduce school expenses at the time of studying abroad 618,000 yen as "studying in long term system scholarship" (※ 1 for 100 persons) for policy that studying system is used in students containing for long term in cause, April, 2019 of "citizen of the world upbringing" that travel journal school aims at. School expenses 980,000 yen ※Long-term studying abroad to United States, Taiwan is enabled with 2.

※It is the total of 1 travel journal school (Tokyo, Osaka). Capacity becomes first-come-first-served basis.
※2 and others cost cost of living separately.


We participate in open campus, special event

Open campus for new high school 2.3 years students

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