School with night school

We aim at own strength entrance into a school of higher grade in night school!

It is night school to be recommended to person aiming at own strength entrance into a school of higher grade. We get income while working and we go to hosupi at night and take class in the daytime. The number of the tops of class is the third period intensive model a day. Despite night school, it cannot become disadvantageous in qualification and job hunting.
It is set up by sightseeing department, hotel course, grand staff course, theme park department.

*As for grand handling course, cabin attendant course, English communication department, the railroad department, we do not open a course in night school.

Point of three hosupi night schools

  1. We support current students entering a school of higher grade by oneself! 12 times of payment in installments is available for payment of the tuition!
  2. We introduce company point leading to future occupation!
  3. Student of full-time department and employment support system which does not change!
  • It is school expenses return system after night school graduation

    It is "travel journal school" and school expenses support loan by cooperative loan company. We can borrow necessary "facilities cost of equipment" in conjunction with the tuition at the time of night school entrance to school.

  • Night school tuition monthly installment system

    It is system that we divide the tuition of one year into 12 times and can pay. Entrance into a school of higher grade is enabled for 54,000 yen monthly.

  • Night school company introduction system

    We work at travel agency and hotel, sightseeing, wedding connection company including marriage ceremonial hall and are system that can go to school while getting periodical income every month. We acquire manner as member of society and social common sense at the same time to continue for one year, and to work.

  • Use of company dormitory system

    We live in company dormitory which hotel owns and are this school's original system to go to school while therefore working as intern. Because monthly dormitory charge is bargain with around 20,000 yen, we hope for single life in Tokyo and are system that is most suitable toward the thought by own strength entrance into a school of higher grade.

  • Travel journal school rent subsidy system

    Among students entering principal school night school, it is intended that we fix environment where we can devote ourselves to by studies by reducing financial burden of student planning attending school out of the home.

Life of night school current students

  • We came to be interested in studying abroad triggered by having participated in overseas volunteer in high school days and participated in open campus of hosupi by the advice of mother. We feel charm in bright atmosphere of school and studying abroad system to Seattle and decide entrance to school. We are going to increase drawers of "hospitality" to make customer smile in the future.

    Misaki Kumagai
    We are from / prefectural Shimoina agricultural high school (Nagano) for airline department / night school one year

  • It is breakfast at home at 7:00

    We always eat breakfast in house. We often choose fruit or yogurt.

  • We prepare at 8:00 and go to work

    We work part-time in the daytime in fast food restaurant. We polish smile and waiting on customers skill every day.

  • Finish part-time job at 17:40; and to school

    After coming home once; to school. As we live in place for approximately ten minutes on foot, it is very convenient.

  • 18:00 class start

    In the case of part-time job, we can keep anti-stress that a lot of business for irregular learned during class alive.

  • 19:40 break time

    We often talk about story and everyday life of friend and part-time job and always spend break time noisily.

  • 20:35 return

Night school STUDENT VOICE

Though there is importance, we are enjoying!
The first single life

Theme park department

As it was dream we moved into this house from Ogikubo, and to work in Tokyo Disney Resort because it loves Disney too, we will load experience in future and aim at the cast whom best smile and happiness are sent to to customer.

Mizuho Sakanaka
Theme park department / night school two years
We are from prefectural 3-johigashi high school (Niigata)
  • Income of moon average

    Part-time job: 130,000 yen

  • Expenditure of moon average

    Rent: 51,000 yen
    The food expenses: 15,000 yen
    Energy bill: 5,000 yen
    Expense account: 10,000 yen
    Entertainment costs: 15,000 yen


We participate in open campus, special event

Spring open campus holding!

Long-term studying abroad special event

Under reservation acceptance!
We see event in detail
Prospective employee zokuzoku! Employment informal appointment breaking news


We were authorized by "course of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology specialized in occupation practice".