School with night school

We aim at own strength entrance into a school of higher grade in night school!

It is night school to be recommended to person aiming at own strength entrance into a school of higher grade. We get income while working and we go to hosupi at night and take class in the daytime. The number of the tops of class is the third period intensive model a day. Despite night school, it cannot become disadvantageous in qualification and job hunting.
It is set up by sightseeing department, hotel course, grand staff department, theme park department.

*As for grand handling department, cabin attendant department, English communication department, the railway service department, we do not open a course in night school.

Point of three hosupi night schools

  1. We support current students entering a school of higher grade by oneself! 12 times of payment in installments is available for payment of the tuition!
  2. We introduce company point leading to future occupation!
  3. Student of full-time department and employment support system which does not change!
  • It is school expenses return system after night school graduation

    It is "travel journal school" and school expenses support loan by cooperative loan company. We can borrow necessary "facilities cost of equipment" in conjunction with the tuition at the time of night school entrance to school.

  • Night school tuition monthly installment system

    It is system that we divide the tuition of one year into 12 times and can pay. Entrance into a school of higher grade is enabled for 54,000 yen monthly.

  • Night school company introduction system

    We work at travel agency and hotel, sightseeing, wedding connection company including marriage ceremonial hall and are system that can go to school while getting periodical income every month. We acquire manner as member of society and social common sense at the same time to continue for one year, and to work.

  • Use of company dormitory system

    We live in company dormitory which hotel owns and are this school's original system to go to school while therefore working as intern. Because monthly dormitory charge is bargain with 10,000-20,000 yen, we hope for single life in Tokyo and are system that is most suitable toward the thought by own strength entrance into a school of higher grade.

  • Travel journal school rent subsidy system

    Among students entering principal school night school, it is intended that we fix environment where we can devote ourselves to by studies by reducing financial burden of student planning attending school out of the home.

Life of night school current students

  • Using night school company introduction system, we receive practical training in the daytime at restaurant of Shibuya. We try hard to learn work while seniors instruct kindly. The present aim become force in the workplace. Seniors who are taken care of want to come to be supported.

    Rina Kamata
    / capital Tatematsu is from valley High School (Tokyo) for Hotel course / night school one year

  • It is breakfast at home at 7:00

    We bake bread quickly and eat in the morning as there is not much time.

  • We prepare at 7:30 and go to work

    We work at restaurant of Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel of Shibuya. We were able to have prize to have done the best, and to be called "smile award".

  • 18:00 class start

    Class of night school starts at 18:00. As class of HotelEnglish can actually learn English to be usable at hotel, even training is helpful very much.

  • 19:40 break time

    We spend happily laughingly while making friend and event that was the workplace on that day or talk of food.

  • 20:35 return
  • Review of 22:30 class

    We review class on the day steadily every day before sleeping at night.

Night school STUDENT VOICE

What we learned by class
We practice in training and greatly grow up.

Hotel course

We go to school as waitress in the daytime at restaurant of hotel at work, night. It is growth in what the beginning was only what we do not understand in training, but is taught by kind seniors. We are in charge of younger student instruction now. It is class such as hotel product development and restaurant plan administration to be impressive by having learned at school. In addition, restaurant service and English knowledge that we learned next for one year were helpful very much in training. In break time to talk about event and test by work with friend, it is one of the slight pleasure. Future dream acts at hotel of inner always making the first move, and make fan of own waiting on customers. Therefore we make an effort.

Misaki, Kumagaya
[night school second grader]
We are from prefectural Aihara High School (Kanagawa)
Yokohama bay hotel Tokyu informal appointment
  • Income of moon average

    Salary of the training: 140,000 yen
    In total: 140,000 yen

  • Expenditure of moon average

    School expenses ※: 54,000 yen
    Transportation expenses: 24,000 yen
    It is received money by house: 10,000 yen
    Pocket money: 20,000 yen
    Savings: 32,000 yen
    140,000 yen in total
    ※We use night school school expenses payment in installments system

To be tour conductor
We balance class with work.

Sightseeing department

Because what aimed at hosupi thought that there was name even by night for there having been to distance that was easy to go from house and the sightseeing industry. We work in the daytime in customer support center of travel agency. By work, we were writing that we thought that you should be improved with everyday daily report, but felt sense of accomplishment when you were able to take up my opinion in meeting. We learn knowledge, technique to work in national examination measures and the trip industry by class of school. Work and coexistence of school are great, but are just trying hard to become tour conductor or bus guide in the future, and to play an active part at sightseeing spot.

Nagisa Otsuka
[night school first grader]
We are from metropolitan agricultural high school (Tokyo)
  • Income of moon average

    Part-time job: 120,000 yen
    In total: 120,000 yen

  • Expenditure of moon average

    School expenses ※: 54,000 yen
    Transportation expenses: 15,000 yen
    The food expenses: 15,000 yen
    Pocket money and savings: 36,000 yen
    In total: 120,000 yen
    ※We use night school school expenses payment in installments system

Though there is importance, we are enjoying!
The first single life

Theme park department

It is girl-limited, locking automatically, student apartment with surveillance camera to have chosen as the first single life. Theme park is wonderful;, for being cast, learn every day.
Income works part-time in Sanrio Puroland. We allot for cost of living using rent subsidy system in addition to part-time job pay.

Mizuho Sakanaka
Theme park department / night school one year
We are from prefectural 3-johigashi high school (Niigata)
  • Income of moon average

    Travel journal school rent subsidy system: 20,000 yen
    Part-time job: 70,000 yen
    In total: 90,000 yen

  • Expenditure of moon average

    Rent: 60,000 yen
    Energy bill: 6,000 yen
    The food expenses: 8,000 yen
    Entertainment costs: 10,000 yen
    Expense account: 3,000 yen
    Clothes charges: 3,000 yen
    In total: 90,000 yen

We keep time of gap alive,
We balance study with work wonderfully.

Grand staff department

We enter night school of hosupi which can pay school expenses in full by oneself to grant dream to the grand staff. We receive practical training in the daytime at hotel. We had a hard time without doing well at school and coexistence of work in beginning, but we utilize "gap time" and perform learning by heart and listening and overcome. By class, we learn that is practical that we was connected directly with future work including the way of check-in duties and announcement at counter. Class was small, and everybody was close and was able to send substantial student life. We will aim at person from industry which can have confidence and pride toward own work from now on.

Saki Suda
We are from prefectural Katsuta High School (Ibaraki)
ANA Narita airport service informal appointment
  • Income of moon average

    Salary: 110,000 yen
    Scholarship: 12,000 yen
    In total: 122,000 yen

  • Expenditure of moon average

    School expenses ※: 44,000 yen
    Dormitory charge: 20,000 yen
    Energy bill, carrying charges: 10,000 yen
    The food expenses: 19,000 yen
    Other sundry expenses: 14,000 yen
    Savings: 15,000 yen
    In total: 122,000 yen
    ※Using night school school expenses payment in installments system, we pass scholarship student system


We participate in open campus, special event

Few days holding! Open campus

We see event in detail
Prospective employee zokuzoku! Employment informal appointment breaking news


We were authorized by "course of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology specialized in occupation practice".