Toward the protector

We were authorized by "course of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology specialized in occupation practice".

We establish for request from sightseeing, the service industry! It is 43 years in response to warm trust successively.

It is 43 years ago now that such a voice suffered from travel journal issuing "-- wanting you to make school bringing up human resources who can play an active part as adaptable fighting potential" tourism business magazine. We hospitality tourism technical school is technical school created through request from sightseeing, the service industry. Principal school continues producing excellent human resources as the first runner of the industry from now on.

School idea

As for the hospitality, "sincere hospitality" and "consideration" mean "consideration". In this school, we define hospitality with "standing in situation of partner, and thinking, and being able to act" and we wrestle for the realization and make an effort. Staff of a school oneself has hospitality mind in mind, too and student recognizes hospitality mind from class and various activities and wears. We aim at it being human resources who student is required by this enlightening activity in society and can play an active part.

Education philosophy

With global viewpoint, we practice hospitality in the occupation spot and raise person fortune which can contribute to society with person.

Education target

Hospitality education that stands in situation of partner, and thinks, and can act
We wear nature, ability that "stand in situation of partner, and think, and can act" through the school life whole, lecture, practice, training, study tour, various events.

Occupation business practice education that can play an active part in the occupation spot
We learn ability that can play an active part in the occupation spot, healthy work value, technical knowledge and skill through cooperation with companies.

Incentive education that we raise culture for life, and self-culture is made
Because we adapt ourselves to environmental change in the times and continue being employed, we learn posture to learn over life by oneself.

Global education to be able to play its part in community, the global community
We acquire ability to lead to mutual understanding with different people of environment and sense of values, and it is human resources who can contribute to development of the whole hospitality industry.

Employment support

Triple support system

  • Class class teacher, employment bureau, perfect employment support by adviser.

    For the cause, we instruct student from wide point of view and lead the more than 43000 employment results and know-how that we cultivated to employment informal appointment since foundation. Above all, we make use of network with company in employment bureau and carry a lot out "company lecture" and "campus company briefing session" that it causes company personnel affairs. In addition, we obtain job offer except employment information that was available to the public originally. We offer these information to student positively.

  • Triple support system
  • We are comprised of employment instructor every industry
  • National qualification carrier consultant maintainer four being on the register roll
    With carrier consultant

    Carrier consultant is national qualification founded from April, 2016. We perform occupation design depending on each person's aptitude and job experience and are expert performing career decision and ability development effectively. Carrier consultant is required in members of employment, course fixed-job worker such as high school, technical school, university, junior college, personnel affairs of company, public employment support organization (HelloWork), wide field including human resources introduction, manpower supply company, human resources consulting firm. There are four national qualification holders in employment bureau in our school, and is wide after graduation let alone current students; guide.

Triple support system

Percentage of graduates who found work for the past 4 years

  • 2016 percentage of graduates who found work
  • 2015 percentage of graduates who found work
  • 2014 percentage of graduates who found work
  • 2013 percentage of graduates who found work

March, 2017 graduate workplace (some extracts)

[aviation] All Nippon Airways /ANA airport service /ANA Narita airport service /ANA Wings / JAL sky / JAL ground service / Skymark / AIR DO others
[railroad] East Japan Railway Co. / Central Japan Railway Company / Hokkaido Railway Co. / Tokyo Metro / Odakyu Electric Railway / Keio Corp. / Tokyu Corporation / SEIBU Railway / Keihin Electric Express station service company others
[trip] H.I.S. / JTB media retailing / DeNA travel / Odakyu travel / Tonichi Kanko / day trip service / PTS/ American Express Japan / TEI (tour conductor) others
[theme park] Oriental Land / IKSPIARI Co., Ltd. / Sanrio entertainment /LEGOLAND Japan/ times village (Nikko Edo Wonderland) / Tokyo Dome / company Fujikyu Highland /KCJ GROUP (Kidzania Tokyo) / east art entateimentsu / Maihama resort line others
[Hotel / country] Amman Tokyo / Park Hyatt Tokyo / the Peninsula Tokyo / Palace Hotel Tokyo / Hilton Tokyo Odaiba / Yokohama Royal Park Hotel / side cf beach bay hotel Tokyu / Hoshino resort management / millimeters Al resort hotels et al.
[Hotel / foreign countries] Hotel Okura Amsterdam (the Netherlands) / Hyatt Regency Saipan (the United States) / LOTTE hotel Guam (the United States) / Hyatt Regency Dubai (UAE/ Dubai) / ayanarizotoandosupa (Bali) others

Graduate who is playing an active part throughout the trade

Opening campus, individual briefing session

Protector can participate in all events, too.


We participate in open campus, special event

Few days holding! Open campus

We see event in detail
Prospective employee zokuzoku! Employment informal appointment breaking news


We were authorized by "course of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology specialized in occupation practice".