Let's become wonderful expert!

Trip, sightseeing, hotel, wedding, passenger service (airline, railroad), theme park,
By hospitality industry such as airport (airport), air cargo (air cargo),

A lot of work to have, "thank you,!" you say from person.
It is "specialist" who is not afraid of restructuring if we go ahead through the way well even if we take anything.

Own work that we want to do should be surely found if we peep out a little.

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Work map

We introduce work of sightseeing, wedding. We should notice that there are work that we did not know so far because person whom occupation to aim at in the future is not decided on yet looks around "big picture" of the industry and work that seems to be interesting a lot. Please find your work that you want to really do from here.

List of work

We introduce the details of each work. Only as for not knowing the contents unexpectedly though there is various work in each industry. Person who the type of job that we want to do is decided, but is worried about concrete contents such as future, worth doing, fun of the work what kind of thing you do by real work is this.

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