Employment informal appointment breaking news

Prospective employee
346 people!
(as of January 19)

100% of 2016 percentage of graduates who found work

Employment is decided on travel agency, airline, hotel of Maihama area, main railroad companies, famous theme park, overseas employment one after another!
Congratulations on informal appointment! Grand handling department, railway service department achieve 100% of rate of informal employment.

We achieved 100% of hotel industry rate of informal employment! (as of the end of January)

  • congratulation!
    Cerulean Tower Tokyu

    Full-time department Saori Kuniyoshi (the left)

    We came to think as workplace since it came in hotel industry study of 1 annual. We are very glad that we can have informal appointment!

  • congratulation!
    Hyatt cent Rick Ginza Tokyo

    Full-time department Shota Suzuki

    We had informal appointment and were relieved. We will work on class in future to be able to become adaptable fighting potential.

  • congratulation!
    Sheraton Grande ・
    Tokyo bay hotel

    Full-time department Kotono Tanaka

    We have informal appointment at hotel where oneself was a chance to aim at the hotel work and are very glad!

  • congratulation!
    Hyatt Regency Tokyo

    Full-time department Kumi Sekine (the left)

    It is full of feelings of thanks for people who were taken care of. Thank you! (all two of them are arranged informally)

  • Amman resorts
  • Westin Hotel Tokyo
  • Urayasu Brighton Hotel
  • Grace hotel
  • The Capitol Hotel Tokyu
  • Sheraton Grande Tokyo bay hotel
  • Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo
  • Four seasons resorts
  • Sumitomo Realty & Development Villa Fontaine
  • Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel
  • Tokyo bay Tokyu hotel
  • Nippon Hotel
  • Hyatt cent Rick Ginza Tokyo
  • Hyatt Regency Tokyo
  • Hyatt Regency Hakone resort & spa
  • Palace enterprise
  • Palace Hotel
  • Hilton Tokyo Odaiba
  • Prince Hotel
  • The Hoshino resort management
  • Hotel Okura Tokyo
  • Hotel Rose Garden Shinjuku
  • The Mitsui Fudosan hotel management
  • Millimeters Al resort hotels
  • Yokohama bay hotel Tokyu
  • fiesutarizotoandosupasaipan ※Foreign countries
  • nado 35 companies (five house foreign countries hotels) in total

Furthermore, voice of joy one after another!

Trip, the sightseeing industry

  • congratulation!
    JAL nabia

    Full-time department Hiroki Mizuguchi

    We were really glad that we could have informal appointment! We want to offer service that snuggled up to customer as window of JAL.

  • congratulation!
    Trip studio

    Full-time department Nanase Yokota

    Was company which wanted to enter most; is extremely glad! We try suggestion and plan of trip hard as travel concierge!

  • congratulation!

    Full-time department Mifune azusasan

    As it is work of conducting tour that we longed for, we are very glad! We want to offer trip that smile of many customers is seen in alone.

  • congratulation!
    Sightseeing in agricultural cooperative

    Full-time department Hikari Sakae

    We want to make trip and own thought for area form after the entering a company well. We thank teachers who supported.

  • IACE travel
  • American Express Japan
  • Alps travel service
  • enuoi
  • Odakyu travel
  • Kinki Nippon Tourist Co.,Ltd.
  • Cronus international
  • Keio Kanko
  • JTB Gaia LEC
  • JTB media retailing
  • Trip studio
  • DeNA travel
  • TEI
  • Tec Air Service
  • Nishitetsu Travel
  • Day trip service
  • Trip to Japan East Japan sales and marketing division
  • Sightseeing in agricultural cooperative
  • PTS
  • hittokampanirimittetto
  • Presence
  • nado 34 companies in total

Furthermore, voice of joy one after another!

Aviation industry

  • congratulation!
    ANA airport service

    Full-time department Kaori Watanabe

    We are really glad that dream from the young time comes true. We do our best as teachers and the repayment of favor to friend that we supported hard.

  • congratulation!
    ANA airport service

    Full-time department Nagi Anakubo

    As we longed for ANA all the time, we are glad from the heart. It believed, "result comes as much as we did our best", and it was good to make an effort.

  • congratulation!
    ANA airport service

    Full-time department Kudo hemp clothes

    Longed-for occupation, company give informal appointment to and are glad. We thank family who let school and studying abroad go for dream and teacher, friend.

  • congratulation!
    JAL cargo service

    Full-time department Kanta Mori

    The first desired company was able to give informal appointment to safely. We thank people whom he/she supported heartily until now.

  • ANA airport service
  • ANA Narita airport service
  • JAL cargo service
  • JAL ground service
  • K ground service
  • Skymark
  • Haneda airport enterprise
  • nado 18 companies in total

Furthermore, voice of joy one after another!

The theme park industry

  • Domestic celebrity theme park
  • Diamond Dining
  • Tokyo Dome Corp.
  • American Mitsukoshi, Ltd. ※Foreign countries
  • Diamond Dining
  • nado 11 companies in total

We achieved 100% of railroad industry rate of informal employment! (as of the end of January)

Informal appointment is decided on railroad company of all over Japan one after another as well as metropolitan area!

  • Odakyu Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
  • Keihin Electric Express station service
  • Metropolitan Intercity Railway
  • ; traffic cooperation meeting managed by Tokyo
  • nado 18 companies in total


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