Graduate who is playing an active part throughout the trade

Sightseeing department

We can suggest trip to remain in memory
We want to grow up to be tour conductor.

It is the acquisition of qualification to have added pressure during attendance at school. General trip duties handling manager was able to pass with ten classmates commencing with learning from 1 annual.

To tour conductor long-cherished after entering a company after counter duties. We conduct domestic travel including bus tour now. It may be told "to be glad that we can travel with Kuroda again" by visitor of acquaintance and encourages very much.

In addition, there is visitor having you send photograph in destination expressly and realizes joy that distance of heart neared.

It is Kuroda dirt
We are from prefectural Atsugi east high school (Kanagawa)
㈱Odakyu travel

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Hotel course

Even as for the situation difficult
We grant hope of visitor by doing new suggestion.

We are in charge of front duties mainly.
One day there was a phone call from guest.

Can acquaintance not do any surprise for staying plan when we hear story? Therefore we suggest message card that I write words that visitor wants to convey and hand. We had you please very much, and letter of thanks arrived later.

Can correspond to any guest flexibly from now on; is cast, and want to send the best time to visitor briefly.

We are from prefectural Hadano Soya Senior High School (Kanagawa)
Tokyo Disneyland ® hotel
The front desk

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Theme park department

Growth of children
Worth doing of this work.

We are in charge of supervisor helping children in Kidzania Tokyo.

Protector who looked at son who made newspaper with PC as for what remained in impression "will work in that way in the future. Having said, we become numb when we thought so.

We found meaning to work here when we thought that protector had special feeling towards casual thing. We want to aim at waiting on customers that snuggled up to feeling of children in future.

Tomoko Miyake
We are from private Tsurumi University attached high school (Kanagawa)
Kidzania Tokyo

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English communication department

Encounter with foreign culture and friend.
In experience irreplaceable as for the hard work.

As for learning work without coming to Norway, and being able to speak English well as for first one week late for homesickness. We were able to gradually get pace of life while English and Polish, Norwegian flew. Work is hard, but the co-worker staff receives kindly. It had a splendid experience to know foreign culture and way of thinking.
After returning home again to internship! We do our best now in Indonesia.

Takahashi straight greens
We are from municipal Takatsu Senior High School (Kanagawa)
[Norwegian / hotel]

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Cabin attendant department

We have various experiences and want to continue growing up every day!

It is my work that we keep security of visitor as cabin attendant, and offer comfortable air travel. After class in training room that reproduced mock-up in airport counter and plane of hosupi being right practical, and having entered the company, there was a lot at opportunity to be able to make use of knowledge about business outline. In addition, in hard duties, patience that we acquired by coexistence of studies and the company training is helpful. We can meet various visitors by flight. When person whom airplane was hard for to deal with said, "we were able to get on in peace" with smile, we were glad. It is easy to get close and, by service warm, wants to increase fans of JAL group!

Satoyo Sawaguchi
We are from prefectural Kanetani Senior High School (Shizuoka)

We see information of cabin attendant department in detail

Grand staff department

Service that thought about visitor is always offered

One boarded on first class as concierge in Narita Airport international terminal is in charge of duties to invite special guest. As for the work of the grand staff, things do not often advance while being conscious of appointed hour characteristics because visitor has top priority as this thought, and there is many that we feel difficulty. However, we were able to taste big sense of accomplishment when we were able to solve problem while responding with senior, younger student who could rely each other. It is race against time, but wants to continue always doing correspondence that snuggled up to feeling of visitor not their circumstances.

We are from prefectural Tokorozawa west high school (Saitama)
ANA Narita airport service㈱

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Grand handling department

Now that dream from the young time came true,
We aim at professional who does not get impatient even if anything rises.

*kosai of baggage and freight and instruction of plane are my work.

We feel fun in place where duties that we can be in charge of whenever we acquire teamwork being regarded as important and qualification in the company increase.

Because not only aviation industry but also information of other industries was available in hosupi, things came to be thought about as well as one viewpoint in large field of vision.

Grand handling that was dream from the young time. We do our best for professional who can work at any time without getting impatient.

Kishikawa male period
We are from prefectural Niiza high school (Saitama)
ANA Narita airport service㈱

We see information of grand handling department in detail

Railway service department

For conductor supporting service
It is teamwork and a sense of responsibility to be important.

Work of conductor lasts for many divergences such as safe confirmation at the time of opening and shutting and the departure of door, announcement in the car, air conditioning management, guidance. We try to be interested even a little to support relief and security of visitor to confirm.

When an each person's sense of responsibility is not enough, train cannot run. We do driver, station employee, transportation commander place, electricity, vehicle, maintenance of tracks charge and communication thickly and make much of teamwork.

It is that current aim becomes chief conductor and brings up probationer. As visitors of foreigner increase, we want to challenge English conversation.

The Okazaki south
We are from prefectural Yokohama cherry tree positive high school (Kanagawa)
Odakyu Electric Railway conductor

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We participate in open campus, special event

Few days holding! Open campus


AO selection straight seminar &AO interview measures lecture is held in the morning on the same day!

Studying abroad special event
(celebration, month)
Night school special event
Open campus life-limited for high school 1.2 years
We see event in detail
Prospective employee zokuzoku! Employment informal appointment breaking news


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