Toward the high school 1.2 years student

Reason why we chose hosupi as

How should we choose course?…? High school students troubled like that.
Seniors who learned in hosupi seemed to choose hosupi for such a reason.
If there is reason why we can sympathize with, go to visit open campus by all means,
Please sense learning of hosupi bodily.

  • School which distance of teacher and student is closer than anywhere else in

    Teachers heard story kindly many times in open campus. A lot of teachers to have a crush on as woman!

    Kudo hemp clothes
    Full-time department airline department two years
    We are from prefectural Kirigaoka high school (Kanagawa)

  • Environment where all the members can study in

    We want to go abroad! Feeling called this was strong. We thought that studying abroad was possible here, and own thing that we wanted to send out for was found.

    Full-time department English communication department one year
    We are from all the municipal institutions and general high school (Kanagawa)

  • We are surprised at facilities! Quality of training room is great

    When we went around the school building by visit to facilities, we are surprised at the number of training rooms. Hotel course is "hotel" itself in particular!

    Shota Suzuki
    Full-time department hotel department one year
    We are from toritsuninokakoko (Tokyo)

  • We want to work early at airport

    Aim at aviation industry under the influence of drama which you did on the stage of airport. For oneself who wants to work early, hosupi where company training is substantial is environment of the best!

    Daiki Hara
    We are from metropolitan Fuchu technical high school (Tokyo) for full-time department ground handling department two years

  • We want to acquire qualification of domestic travel duties handling manager

    We get necessary qualification in the trip industry. As measures of qualification were substantial, we were able to enter in peace!

    Sightseeing in full-time department department one year
    We are from prefectural Kawasaki High School (Kanagawa)

  • Place where was clogged up with own ideal

    Because environment that could learn it for oneself who loved to make person smile technically was ideal.

    Rei Muto Moe
    Full-time department theme park department one year
    We are from prefectural Hitachi commercial high school (Ibaraki)

  • Because we were able to meet teacher and senior whom we could respect

    Impression in open campus is far and away good! Think, "want to become me like seniors here"; treasure.

    Goto Arisa
    Full-time department airline department one year
    We are from metropolitan Kodaira High School (Tokyo)

  • We "certainly" grant dream of railroad man

    We were detonated by contact by "absolute employment" that was catch phrase of railway service department. Absolute for driver who is dream from the young time!

    Rock Kento Saki
    Full-time department railway service department one year
    We are from prefectural Yamatohigashi high school (Kanagawa)

We see event in detail

One of four or five people of new student has begun to go to open campus from summer vacation of high 2.


We participate in open campus, special event

Few days holding! Open campus

We see event in detail
Prospective employee zokuzoku! Employment informal appointment breaking news


We were authorized by "course of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology specialized in occupation practice".