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By three steps of introduction, the basics, problem solution,
We acquire waiting on customers, service skill

Even if there are specialized knowledge and technique so much, we cannot have you please with visitor without hospitality heartily. In hotel course, we acquire basic ability of business, and skill improves ability for business of specialized field around staying, ryoin steadily. Through three steps, we catch work value while deepening understanding and industry knowledge to work contents and lead to employment informal appointment.

What is demanded in hotel in the future
"hoterie which thinks by oneself, and can act"

In hotel where any people regardless of age or sex gathers from all over the world, power that can support diversification of needs is demanded.
After having worn necessary manner and specialized skill in working in hotel,
We take consideration into feeling of visitor and aim at hoterie with anti-stress that matched the situation.

Suggestion that is new in the situation difficult
We grant hope of visitor by doing.

We are in charge of front duties mainly. One day there was a phone call from guest. Can acquaintance not do any surprise for staying plan when we hear story? Therefore we suggest message card that I write words that visitor wants to convey and hand. We had you please very much, and letter of thanks arrived later. Can correspond to any guest flexibly from now on; is cast, and want to send the best time to visitor briefly.

We are from prefectural Hadano Soya Senior High School (Kanagawa)
Tokyo Disneyland ® hotel

We acquire technical knowledge of hotel

We wear skill to act in staying section, ryoimbumon which is often assigned after entering a company. By class to share to two classes, and to perform, we check one practical skill by a small number of people finely per person.

  • Staying section
    We learn work such as the bell front desk, reservation

    We learn waiting on customers service to guide visitor necessary for Belser screw and front clerk said to be face of hotel precisely. In addition, for room reservation and inquiries such as telephone and email, the Internet, we learn about correspondence using terminal.

    Main class: We practice Belser screw practice / staying service practice / room reservation system
  • Training room that reproduced the front of hotel. Using room reservation system "OPERA used in world celebrity Hotel," class to operate PC in English is very practical.

  • ryoimbumon
    We learn waiting on customers service in restaurant bar

    We learn setting of restaurant, lounge including Japanese food, Western food, Chinese food, waiting on customers reception in bar, order take, tableware and glass from the basics. We understand operation of shaker to make cocktail for as application, ryoin service including knowledge of simple cooking widely.

    Main class: The restaurant service business / restaurant service practice / bar service practice / restaurant plan administration / Japanese food basics
  • Restaurant service learns technique from the basics to application slowly and carefully through 1.2 years. With the goal of the acquisition of national qualification "restaurant service skill official approval", class is pushed forward. A lot of classes to practice while moving body acquire pleasant practical skill.

  • Hotel guest room training room

    We reproduce hotel suite and are classroom which can learn atendo in bedmaking and guest room practically.

  • Front training room

    We reproduce the front of hotel and are classroom which can learn bell and staying service including the front desk practically.

  • Restaurant service training room

    In training room that reproduced genuine restaurant, we experience waiting on customers service.
    We perform measures of restaurant service skill official approval.

  • Cafe & bar training room

    We acquire technique to provide drinks such as alcohols including cocktail wine or cappuccino espresso.

We learn in hotel

  • Earlier period of one year
    The hospitality entrance to school training

    The training of 2 days and 1 night carried out in full participation after entrance to school. They stay at hotel, and visit in hall, table manners class, hotel lecture, market research announcement are carried out by various menus.

  • Earlier period of one year
    The hotel stay manner training (only in the full-time department)

    Stay, hotel stays at hotel days, and fruit actually experiences duties in facilities of guest room or banquet room. Through business such as table manners, bedmaking, we understand work of hotel.

  • Earlier period of one year
    Hoteldom study

    We observe eight times a year of hotels of metropolitan area 40 places during 1 annual and understand clientele and characteristic of hotel. Something becomes gradually clear with one's hotel which wants to work, service to aim at.

Company training (we include part-time job)

We perform training (120-200 hours) of 1-2 months twice next in city hotel or resort hotel for one year using long vacations such as summer vacation. We can experience in different hotel, and training is decided by oneself. There is chance that we can receive practical training in in overseas hotel after 2 annual or graduation. We do training only in summer vacation to secure time to learn at school. ※Only in the full-time department. Night school is applicant.

List of company training (2016 extract): One and Karuizawa / hotel Ginsui Zhuang others of Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel / Park Hyatt Tokyo / Hyatt Regency Tokyo / Hilton Odawara resort & spa / Hilton Tokyo bay / Hilton Tokyo Odaiba / rizonare Atami / Yokohama bay hotel Tokyu / star

One and Karuizawa of Yokohama bay hotel Tokyu Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel star

Overseas internship

Fruit experiences waiting on customers by English in front section, ryoimbumon of world .4 five stars star hotel (2 annual applicants)

We see in detail

Power that thinks by oneself, and can act

For request and problem from visitor up on the site of hotel,
We suggest solution by oneself toward thought, the industry.

  • Late 2
    Hoteldom incandescence classroom

    We have hotel acting on the site come and you should deal how or discuss example that is possible in various departments of hotel.

    Example: As we want to propose from visitor, how do you cope when it is talked when we want you to cooperate?

  • Late 2
    Real restaurant

    As the collected studies of ryoin service, student runs restaurant. We decide concept and customer target of restaurant and carry all out student oneself until service, cooking, the accounting, public information.

    Visitor causing objection and trouble joins in visitor and we judge from oneself how you deal then and cope. Possible example and incident are caused intentionally in genuine hotel and see waiting on customers power.

  • Late 2
    Hotel product plan contest

    It is result announcement of university-industry research collaboration to be carried out as graduation production. We invite employees of famous hotel and give presentation by product plan. Introduction is examined if we get evaluation.

  • Late 2
    Tokyo Tours guidance presentation

    We understand work of important concierge playing the part in hotel. We think on the site and guide based on visitor information given on the spot. We assume visit to Japan foreigner visitor and give presentation with English about the history and culture of Tokyo.

To needs to diversify is stress immediately

  • We learn English conversation, Chinese, sign language to use in staying, ryoimbumon

    Command of English that needs is sublimed into by increase of the visit to Japan foreign country number of people more and more. Basic English conversation used in hotel carries out official approval measures such as TOEIC®, interview measures that assumed test for employment of foreign-affiliated hotel more. In addition, we learn Chinese to be usable by waiting on customers of hotel immediately.

    Main class: Hotel EnglishI/Hotel EnglishII/English Interview (only in the full-time department) / sign language (only in the full-time department) / beginner's class Chinese
  • Japan and world culture, right understanding of geography

    We raise interest in own country and convey culture, the history and geography of Japan, Tokyo for visit to Japan foreigner definitely. (only in the full-time department)

    Main class: World guidebook / Tokyo city guide / Japanese food basics / Edo culture visit / manner protocol
Long-term studying abroad system

Sandwich studying abroad allows in United States Seattle or Taiwan (allcomers). Let alone conversation lesson from teacher of native, there is measures lecture of TOEIC® and Chinese official approval by Japanese lecturer locally. As we can do it until undergoing an examination during stay, we take qualification and can return home.

We see in detail

Required qualification is abundant

We support qualification having high necessary usefulness by class in playing an active part as adaptable fighting potential in hotel.
All the members aim at the acquisition during attendance at school as required qualification.

★Only in ha full-time department

  • National qualification
    Restaurant service skill official approval

    Official approval for the staff working at hotel restaurant. National qualification only for qualification about ryoin service.

  • TOEIC®★

    International official approval that TOEIC® measures communicative competence by English. Command of English is essential in hoteldom.

    Foreign language official approval of all★

    Official approval to measure communication power with foreigner. We assume real conversation, and we are made questions by various situation.

    Hotel business business official approval

    Official approval for the purpose of the acquisition of knowledge of the hotel whole. We measure basic knowledge and understanding degree of hoteldom of staying, ryoin, banquet, cooking section.

  • Secretary official approval★

    Including skill to be required for business, we wear wide skills such as something about everything and language, manner, service and are official approval to measure degree of achievement.

  • Manner protocol official approval★

    Protocol is international courtesy. We learn knowledge necessary for basics, service trade of manner.

  • Service assistance person★

    We understand "hospitality" and "assistance technology" and wear right knowledge and skill to support wheelchair and impaired person, elderly person.

  • Sign language skill official approval★

    In examination to measure sign language skill of national generic standard, we aim at becoming able to understand everyday sign language.

  • Normal lifesaving class

    It is lifesaving class that the Tokyo Fire Department holds. We learn knowledge and techniques such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation and how to use AED, first aid treatment in case of injury.

  • Tokyo city guide official approval★

    We measure understanding degree to introduce the history and culture, tourist attraction, charm of Tokyo including lifestyle to tourist visiting Tokyo from inside and outside the country.

Always making the first move (some extracts) in employment

Domestic hotel

  • APA Hotel
  • Amman Tokyo
  • Westin Hotel Tokyo
  • Oriental Hotel Tokyo bay
  • Grand Hyatt Tokyo
  • The Peninsula Tokyo
  • Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo
  • Park Hyatt Tokyo
  • Hyatt Regency Tokyo
  • Hyatt Regency Hakone resort & spa
  • Palace enterprise
  • Palace Hotel Tokyo
  • Hilton Tokyo Odaiba
  • hoterumontore㈱
  • Resorttrust㈱
  • Route Inge loop
  • Urayasu Brighton Hotel
  • Yokohama bay hotel Tokyu
  • Yokohama Royal Park Hotel
  • ㈱Hotel Ginsui Zhuang
  • ㈱Millimeters Al resort hotels
  • ㈱Hankyu Hanshin hotels
  • ㈱Odakyu resorts
  • ㈱The Hoshino resort management
  • ㈱Tokyu hotels (metropolitan area)
  • ㈱The Tobu hotel management
  • Nippon Hotel㈱
  • Sumitomo Realty & Development Villa Fontaine㈱

Overseas hotel

  • Banyan Tree Bintan
  • Hyatt Regency Dubai and Galleria
  • Hyatt Regency Saipan
  • ayanarizotoandosupa
  • fiesutarizotoandosupasaipan
  • Hotel Okura Amsterdam

We see about employment support in detail


We make use of experience of studying abroad
We are designated unofficially as longed-for foreign company.

Place where the first charm of hosupi can study in United States Seattle if we hope. It was a chance to greatly change my view of life. We make use of studying abroad experience in job hunting and challenge foreign-affiliated hotel. There was not much number of companies which we received, and there was uneasiness, but, thanks to advice by teacher in charge, was able to have informal appointment from company of favorite. In addition, we could understand one's strength, weakness because we had opinion from various teachers at employment measures class and job hunting dojo studio of Saturday and Sunday and, in the case of interview, were able to appeal. We always aim at person clearing aim by one step from now on towards height.

Maki Miyata
[full-time department second grader]
We are from metropolitan Setagaya spring Senior High School (Tokyo)
Amman Tokyo informal appointment

We see voice of current students more


We participate in open campus, special event

Few days holding! Open campus

We see event in detail
Prospective employee zokuzoku! Employment informal appointment breaking news


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