Theme park department

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It is smile nisurutameno in guests
We learn three power,
We improve waiting on customers skill.

Communication power that can build relationship of mutual trust with guest,
Power of expression that can please wide guest from child to adult,
We learn mainly on technology of universal service that can entertain elderly person, person with a disability, foreigner.

Features of theme park department

To human resources who can play an active part in two years on the site! Communication power, power of expression, technology, result announcement

  • Communication power

    The acquisition of communicative competence

    • Guest operation
    • Kids coaching
    • Guest service
    • Waiting on customers psychology
    • Company training
    • Local event volunteer
  • Power of expression

    The acquisition of power of expression that is high quality

    • Performance practice
    • Dance practice
    • Nonverbal communication
    • Stage space direction
  • Technology

    The acquisition of waiting on customers technology with wide guest

    • Universal service
    • Sign language
    • Theme restaurant service
    • Industry English
    • Industry Chinese
    • Qualification


Three points of theme park department!


Communication power

Guest for smile! We learn skill to create happy time

  • Guest operation

    We utilize waiting on customers manual and learn concierge service or know-how to customer. Duties experience-rich lecturer in famous theme park including Tokyo Disney Resort instructs.

  • Kids coaching

    We understand psychology of child and learn how to contact children. There is practice of story-telling of picture book.

  • Local event volunteer

    We participate in local event of each place as the volunteer staff and learn event administration by practice.

  • Guest service

    We learn industry manner, appearance in waiting on customers service, Japanese manners and customs, custom, overseas cross-cultural knowledge and allow service that is most suitable for guest to provide. We aim at the acquisition of service service official approval.


Power of expression

We wear entertainment characteristics and power of expression,
We can connect to waiting on customers skill

  • Stage space direction

    We learn lines, performance expression, direction technique on the stage to raise power of expression. We perform practice in vocalization.

  • Performance practice

    It is class of bodily sensation type to learn performance and expression method to make guest smile. We learn jag ring or pantomime and learn about attractive movement.

  • Nonverbal communication

    We learn the basics of non-language communication. We acquire technique to introduce intention and feeling into by expression, method except words including behavior through entertainment skill.

  • Dance practice

    We experience dance of various genres and not only we wear entertainment characteristics, but also perform physical training. We acquire technique to express oneself on stage.



We can entertain every guest
We learn concierge service

  • Universal service

    We understand waiting on customers technology that can be satisfied with elderly person and every guest including physical inconvenient one.

  • Sign language

    Technique of sign language that is essential by communication with deaf person. We aim at the acquisition of the sign language skill official approval fourth grade during attendance at school. (full-time department)

  • Industry English

    We learn English used well in theme park to strengthen anti-stress to visit to Japan foreigner increasing more and more. We wear waiting on customers skill to foreign guest.

We deepen understanding to theme park

  • Earlier period of one year
    The hospitality entrance to school training

    The training of 2 days and 1 night carried out in full participation after the entrance to school. We attend the Tokyo Disney Resort communication skill training and observe Tokyo Disney Resort.

  • One year whole year
    Visit to industry

    We visit various theme parks and amusement parks which all over Japan is dotted with and experience future job. We understand difference in work contents and service and raise work value.

    Visit (2016 example): Nikko Edo Wonderland / Kidzania Tokyo / Lego land Discovery center Tokyo / Madam Tussaud's Tokyo / theme restaurant
  • Late 1
    Overseas study tour (voluntarily)

    In Los Angeles, we go to see the city sights in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica. It is luxurious trip to enjoy Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland or the home, American theme park including California adventure.

    ※2016 reference. Destination may be changed.

  • Earlier period of two years
    Musical show appreciation

    We appreciate musical show of world-famous theatrical company. We study constitution or direction finely and improve own power of expression. In addition, we make use in own waiting on customers skill on seeing movement of the theater staff.

  • Late 2
    Result announcement

    We announce the collected studies of 2 years on stage. Drama and dance, student including jag ring think about constitution and produce original. On the day we show in front of customer of a lot of venues.

Company training

Occupation experience is possible in longed-for theme park. We receive practical training in company next in theme park for allcomers, one year! As for wide training waiting on customers power being evaluated around enforcement celebrity theme park for approximately two months using summer holidays, and being connected for employment informal appointment!

List of enforcement companies (2016 extract) ※Company era village EDO WONDERLAND Nikko Edo Wonderland /KCJ GROUP Kidzania Tokyo / Senyo Kogyo yokohama Cosmo world / company ORIENTAL LAND Tokyo Disney Resort / Sanrio entertainment Sanrio Puroland / ACM Yokohama Anpan-Man child museum & mall / Merlin entateimentsu Japan / Lego land Discovery center Tokyo / Madam Tussaud's Tokyo / SEGA live creation Tokyo Joey police / Tokyo Dome / Fujikyu Highland / Shima Spain village others targeted for full-time department

74 ORIENTAL LAND which runs employment results Tokyo Disneyland of hosupi ※Subject setting - 2016 A large number of graduates are playing an active part!
  • Times village EDO WONDERLAND Nikko Edo Wonderland, Merlin entateimentsu Japan Lego land Discovery center Tokyo
  • ㈱Fujikyu Highland, Hanayashiki Asakusa Hanayashiki

Form to aim at even if we say theme park varies!
We support job hunting depending on each person's hope.

2016 prospective employee inspection
※As of December, 2016

In ORIENTAL LAND where we longed for all the time!

In theme park which we knew in industry studies!

  • We are from Eiichi Tanaka prefectural Fuefuki high school (Yamanashi)

    ㈱Fujikyu Highland

  • We are from Rika Ito private first academy High School (Tokyo)

    ㈱Tokyo Dome Tokyo Dome City attractions

  • Ikumi Nishioka private institution Jiangling High School (Hokkaido)

    ㈱Times village EDO WONDERLAND Nikko Edo Wonderland

  • We are from Rina Kondo prefectural Shoyou, Toride high school (Ibaraki)


  • We are from Ohashi risasan Prefectural Imaichi high school (Tochigi)

    Fantasy resort fantasy kids resort

  • We are from Sakie Kikuchi prefecture Tateda-mura High School (Fukushima)

    ㈱JR East pasonerusabisu Railway Museum

In the workplace to be able to make use of creativity and waiting on customers skill in!

  • We are from Takuma Nishimura prefectural Sagamihara blue Imperial mausoleum High School (Kanagawa)

    APA Hotel㈱

  • We are from Masateru Toyoshi private institution Aichi Sangyo University technical high school (Aichi)


  • We are from Hayato Nagasaka prefectural Fuefuki high school (Yamanashi)

    ㈱Diamond Dining

  • We are from Suzuha Yamanaka metropolitan Osaki High School (Tokyo)

    Starbucks Coffee Japan㈱

  • Besides, in company which does not come!

    • ㈱BANDAI NAMCO entertainment
    • ㈱F D shii friends (4 degrees Celsius)
    • ㈱Benesse-style care
    • ㈱ABLE
    • ㈱ofisudainamaitsu
    A lot of others!
  • Triple support system

    Class class teacher, the employment bureau staff, perfect employment support by adviser

    Perfect support by class class teacher, employment bureau, adviser! We grant course to aim at to hear each person's hope together.

  • Acquisition target qualification

    Full-time department

    • The sign language skill official approval fifth grade (last part of 1 annual)
    • The sign language skill official approval fourth grade (earlier period of 2 annual)
    • The secretary official approval second grade
    • Service assistance person
    • The announcement official approval second grade
    • The waiting on customers psychology official approval third grade
    • The service service official approval second grade
    • The service service official approval associate first grade
    • Foreign language official approval of all

    Night school

    • The sign language skill official approval fifth grade
    • The service service official approval second grade
    • The service service official approval associate first grade
    • Foreign language official approval of all

April, 2017 classroom renewal!

  • We seemed to totally come to theme park?

    We renew in atmosphere that came to moment, theme park which got off elevator! A lot of senses of fun including ticket counter of theme park and wall with trick art! Please come to see.

  • Original character appearance!

    Original character of school which student designed! It is twin who came over to hosupi as missionary of hospitality. Please support!


Experience in open campus
We were able to make use in interview of job hunting!

Part-time job
Tokyo Dome City attractions

There was opportunity to go to various amusement facilities and aimed at this way being attracted by "older brother" who worked there since childhood. By job hunting, experience as navigator of open campus is useful. We learned technique to be usable in interview including the way of school explanation and glance when we talked at time and were able to keep alive. Charm of hosupi "being close in distance of teacher and student." It became kind and, from question about job hunting to romance consultation, heard anything. For existence that is used to one of the topics of customer saying "that older brother was interesting", we will do our best from now on.

Masateru Toyoshi
[full-time department second grader]
We are from private Aichi Sangyo University technical high school (Aichi)
Pre-bicompany informal appointment

We see voice of current students more


We participate in open campus, special event

Few days holding! Open campus

We see event in detail
Prospective employee zokuzoku! Employment informal appointment breaking news


We were authorized by "course of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology specialized in occupation practice".