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Designated student dormitory

Designation student dormitory to get various school mates

We introduce student dormitory of KYORITSU MAINTENANCE which hospitality tourism technical school recommends to person that single life is hoped for. Please confirm from brochure enclosed by entrance to school guide book or the following banner.
※As for the meal charges, two meals of morning, dinner are prepared for. (but there is dormitory not to be included in partly)
※It is refunded money to tairyogo about "deposit", but is not refunded money to one made chutotairyo.
Comfortable student life to begin in student dormitory

Inquiry 0120 88-1030 (the KYORITSU MAINTENANCE student dormitory secretariat)

※As you close as soon as it becomes fully occupied, apply early.
※㈱We introduce rental apartment other than student dormitory in KYORITSU MAINTENANCE. If you like, please refer to toll free number.

  • Many current students use, too
    Relief, comfortable student dormitory

    As dormitory charge used hosupi life cheaply, we decided entering. It is opportunity school excursion of high school that we knew charm of tour conductor. We do our best for work about favorite trip.

    Yukiko Inomata
    We are from / prefectural Aizu agriculture and forestry high school (Fukushima) for sightseeing department / full-time department one year

  • Room DATA

    ■Layout : 1R
    ■Rent : 48,500 yen
    ■The nearest station : Seibu Shinjuku Line Toritsu-Kasei Station
    ■Attending school time : 40 minutes

  • Monthly mean income

    Allowance: 80,000 yen

    One-month mean expenditure

    Rent: 48,500 yen
    The food expenses: 7,000 yen
    Transportation expenses: 5,000 yen
    Expense account: 13,000 yen
    Clothes charges: 6,500 yen

  • Thing that is pleasant in student dormitory?

    It is China, Thailand, thing that can interchange with multi-national student including Taiwan. We can learn a lot of difference in culture and language.

    Memory by dormitory life?

    We go to Tokyo and are welcome party open in dormitory immediately. We enjoyed in delicious meal and bingo.

    Is it excellent cousin free of charge of dormitory life?

    When we cook together and swell on seeing TV, daily life is place that is pleasant like school excursion.

    How to spend holidays?

    We do pan party in joint ownership space and go out for shopping as Shinjuku is near.

  • Massage chair is persona grata

Apartment apartment introduction

We support start of single life!

We introduce designated real estate company where hospitality tourism technical school cooperates. We set fees lower than usual. As the student affairs section (the following phone number) has guide of apartment apartment, please report if there is request.

Inquiry 03-5386-0941 (hospitality tourism technical school, student affairs section window)
  • Though there is the first single life importance, we are enjoying!

    It is girl-limited, locking automatically, student apartment with surveillance camera to have chosen as the first single life. Theme park is wonderful;, for being cast, learn every day.

    Mizuho Sakanaka
    We are from / prefectural 3-johigashi high school (Niigata) for theme park department / night school one year

  • Room DATA

    ■Layout : 1R
    ■Rent : 60,000 yen
    ■The nearest station : JR Chuo Line Ogikubo Station
    ■Attending school time : 25 minutes

  • Monthly mean income

    Part-time job: 70,000 yen
    Travel journal school rent subsidy system: 20,000 yen

    One-month mean expenditure

    Rent: 60,000 yen
    Energy bill: 8,000 yen
    The food expenses: 9,000 yen
    Entertainment costs: 10,000 yen
    Expense account: 3,000 yen
    Clothes charges: 3,000 yen

  • Thing that is pleasant by single life?

    Oneself making thing to want to eat, and being able to eat and being able to invite friend anytime. Staying party is fun!

    How is cost of living?

    We work part-time in Sanrio Puroland. We allot for cost of living using rent subsidy system in addition to part-time job pay.

    Thing that is serious by single life?

    When it accumulates to do it such as laundry, it is hard to have to get up early.

  • It is recipe book of side dish of lunch


We participate in open campus, special event

Few days holding! Open campus

We see event in detail
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