Scholarship & school expenses loan

Public scholarship

Japan Student Services Organization

Student registered at hospitality tourism technical school is available for application for scholarship system of Japan Student Services Organization. Please refer to the following table for contents of scholarship. In addition, please confirm the details in being on the register roll high school as "advance reservations application" is possible at the time of high school attendance at school.

  First-class scholarship Second class scholarship
Loan monthly basis Home attending school 30,000 yen Of 30,000 yen, 50,000 yen, 80,000 yen, 100,000 yen, 120,000 yen
We choose freely from each course
53,000 yen
The home outside
Attending school
30,000 yen
60,000 yen
Loan period Two years Two years
The rate of interest No interest Interest-bearing (the range of 3% per annum)

The 2017 results

[attention] As there are capacity and examination, all the applicants are not applied.
For more details, please inquire whether you see HP of Japan Student Services Organization to hospitality tourism technical school.
Hospitality tourism technical school school expenses consultation desk TEL03-5386-0941

School expenses loan of country

Japanese system financing government finance company

Condition As a general rule, applicant is protector of student. Household income of last year being less than 7,900,000 yen (business income earner less than 5,900,000 yen)
Financing amount of money Less than 3,500,000 yen
Return period Less than 15 years (as for the traffic-accident orphaned child home or family of mother and child less than 18 years)
The financing rate of interest 1.81% a year ※1.41% of one (as of April, 2017) within family of mother and child or household income 2 million

Inquiry: School expenses loan call center (TEL) 0570-00-8656

Cooperative loan of financial institution

We assumed hospitality tourism technical school window
It deals with "partner school expenses loan" by tie-up with loan company.

"Cedyna education costs loan of Cedyna to propose hospitality tourism technical school to other than public scholarship as window," there is "school expenses support plan" of Orient Corp. "** plan" of Jaccs Co.,Ltd. Please consult with exclusive consultation desk of hospitality tourism technical school about the details. (TEL: 03-5386-0941)

Cooperative loan company Cedyna JACCS Co., Ltd. Orient Corporation
Real annual interest 4.0% (as of October, 2017)

December, 2017

Inquiry: Travel journal school school expenses consultation desk (TEL) 03-5386-0941

Full-time department school expenses payment in installments system

We apply for reservation adoption of second class scholarship of Japan Student Services Organization and are system that can pay school expenses for people that adoption was decided by March 31, 2019 in installments.

Subject In reservation adoption determinant of second class scholarship (interest-bearing) of incorporated administrative agency Japan Student Services Organization, loan monthly basis of scholarship is limited toward 100,000 yen or 120,000 yen
Of delivery amount of money
1 annual Entrance to school
At the time of procedure
Some 196,000 yen = 498,000 yen of the facilities cost of equipment 302,000 yen + tuition
The tuition
*11 time of 100,000 yen
2 annual At the time of promotion
(1 annual end of February)
Some 196,000 yen = 498,000 yen of the facilities cost of equipment 302,000 yen + tuition
The tuition
*11 time of 100,000 yen

※Please confirm the details in offer essential point P13.


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